No, aliens did not build the pyramids…

This article from The Vintage News accompanying drone footage of the awesome pyramids of Nubia begins with a ridiculous claim:

“The pyramids even to this day are somewhat of a mystery. There are some theories but no one really knows how they were built, who built them, or why.”600px-nubianmeroepyramids30sep20052

In the next TWO PARAGRAPHS, all these questions are answered! They were built by the Kushite kingdoms. They were presumably built by masses of slaves, shaping big blocks and then piling them on top of one another according to precise blueprints drawn up by trained engineers.

There is NO MYSTERY! “no one really knows”..? Yes, we do know!

These clichés feed into all that bullshit about “ancient aliens” building the pyramids (which the “History” Channel is happy to lend credibility to).

This abuse of history is really criminal and needs to stop. 

A lot of people just innocently like stories about aliens, but there’s a more disturbing side. Our culture has difficulty accepting the fact that Africans built these magnificent structures at a time when people in northern Europe were living in shacks made out of mud and sticks.maxresdefault


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